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   Welcome to Lessons with Tera-Tom Video Series

Introducing the newest way for you and your employees to learn all aspects of Teradata, Aster Data, and Netezza directly from Tera-Tom himself!


"The concept is simple.  We have designed the videos with a 40 second introduction, then a short story to introduce the subject and then we get right down to delivering great information from start to end.  We think this is the formula that viewers will love. We take viewers step by step through the information beginning with the most basic, then advancing through to the complex subjects. The videos are so clear, dynamic, and fun to watch that it would help anyone in the world learn all aspects of the most advanced technical systems."  -Tom Coffing

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Teradata Architecture Video Series
Teradata SQL Video Series

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Teradata Basics Video Membership
$950/6 Months

Teradata SQL Video Membership
$950/6 Months

Teradata Basics & SQL Video Membership
$1500/6 Months