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The Greatest Body Language Secret that Nobody Knows

Tera-Tom, the Speech Doctor here! The body language technique I am about to explain can change your life and enhance your career enormously.  You have never heard of it before nor will you ever hear of it again.  At first, you might think I am insane, but you are about to learn how to appear…

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Best Career Advice: Learn to Memorize Every Name in the Room

Tera-Tom here! I have taught over 1,000 classes around the world, and the best thing I have ever done was to train myself to remembering names. I have done this for each student before the class begins. I start each class by asking each student to introduce themselves and to briefly explain what they want to get…

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My One Secret to Career Success and Skill Mastery – Coffing DW

Tera-Tom here!   The Japanese have a philosophy that if you master one thing, you can master anything. I decided to take this philosophy to another level. I set out to master the two most difficult and opposite extremes simultaneously. If successful, then I could master everything between these two extremes. So, I decided to…

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