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The Nexus Query Chameleon Introduces BizStar

Tera-Tom here! BizStar is the 4th foundation of Nexus, and it will allow the business users and the IT staff to collaborate like bread and butter.  This is due out in our October release. BizStar has two concepts designed to make everyone a business star (BizStar): One section of BizStar will allow the business user…

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Hadoop – Hive, Impala, Zookeeper, and a Data Strategy

Tera-Tom here! This post will discuss Hive, Impala, and Zookeeper and the best technology to query, load, manage, and integrate Hadoop projects with traditional systems. The name Hadoop came from the original open source project leader Doug Cutting.  Doug’s son had named his toy elephant Hadoop!  Hadoop is the open source version of the Google…

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Let Us Show You the Nexus Query Chameleon!

We have setup three demos this Friday (July 14th, 2017) to show off the Nexus Query Chameleon! These 90 minute sessions will be dedicated to showing off Coffing Data Warehousing’s tool of choice! The Nexus Query Chameleon is a versatile tool that allows you to handle many different data sets from many different systems simultaneously. Do not…

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