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Joining Excel Spreadsheets To Production Tables – Coffing DW

Tera-Tom here!  Did you ever think you would be querying Excel spreadsheets or joining them to production tables?  That time is now.  I am excited to announce the latest release of Nexus now has support for Excel, Aster Data, and enhanced Hadoop capabilities.

One of the interesting changes of direction is from Teradata.  Even they realize that the game has changed, so their new goal is to provide customers a Unified Data Architecture where they will provide seamless access to Teradata, Aster Data, and Hadoop.  A good strategy.

Our goal is similar, but we will provide seamless access to Teradata, Aster Data, Hadoop, plus every other database and Excel.   Our customers expect to always have the best desktop experience and demand that Nexus works on all data sources.   Why buy a car that can only travel on certain roads or head in certain directions?

And speaking of new directions, did you know that the best query tool for Hadoop is Nexus?  The Nexus will show you a complete tree for Cloudera, Horton Works, and all other Hadoop flavors.  You might be shocked at how advanced Nexus is on Hadoop.  Nexus makes Hadoop very friendly and easy to use.  Gone are the days of being stuck in command line because Nexus shows you everything visually.

The Nexus on Aster Data is truly amazing as well.  You can see all of your tables, columns, users, roles, distribution keys and indexes, and the Nexus will show you them visually and then write the SQL as you point and click on tables and columns you want on your report.

You can now connect to Excel with Nexus and query it like a data source.  You can see the columns and rows listed.  You can choose which ones you want on the report and run the query at any time.  You can even perform advanced analytic functions like you see with every other system we connect to (OLAP, group by grouping sets, etc).  But, what’s even more amazing is Nexus’ ability to join tables to every system that it connects to by dragging and dropping answer sets.  You will have to see it to believe it.  Nexus will take the answer sets from Excel, and simply by dragging it to the other system, it will join to tables there.  We do all of the data movement for you under the covers.

This is a game changer for us at CoffingDW.  We could not be more excited about upping our data movement game.  We believe that in the very near future, we will be the experts on all aspects of data movement for every single system on the planet.  Please give me or my recently promoted VP of Sales and Marketing a phone call or email today so we can have a conversation about what Nexus can do for your organization.




Tom Coffing

CEO, CoffingDW

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