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Coffing Data Warehousing Software


Analytics: There is No ‘I’ In Team

The Nexus Query Chameleon and the NexusCore Server are a winning combination. With these two together, you’ll have your entire IT and Business Users working on the same page. And when that happens, you will certainly see that while there is no ‘I’ in Team, there is an ‘I’ in Genius!

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How to Tune a Teradata System

Teradata is an amazing system! However, it can seem daunting at first. Let Tom get you started with the most important fundamentals you need to know in order to tune a Teradata system.

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Why the Future is Nexus

Tom explains how the future of data warehousing is with the Nexus. The Nexus Query Chameleon adapts to any environment and will work seamlessly with your data analytics. Read more about the Nexus and how you’ll be seeing it more often in your future!

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What is SQL?

What is SQL? Let Tom talk a bit about the history before giving you a taste of his Introduction to SQL course.

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Data Movement Made Easy: How NexusCore Server Improves Enterprise Agility

NExus core server makes data movement easier for DBAs, IT, and business users.

The key to building a proactive, agile enterprise? Presenting timely, actionable data to your decision makers. For many organizations, it’s a major challenge to access, transform, and move the right data to the right applications and people at the right time. Doing so typically requires focused attention and time-consuming manual intervention from your DBAs (database…

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