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Beam Me Up, NexusCore Server: I Need to Move Data

Watch how NexusCore works!

Tera-Tom here!  Inspired by the famous TV show Star Trek we have invented a data movement tool that can BEAM up a user!  You can now be in two places at one time! You can use Nexus from your desktop to query all your databases or you can beam up to the NexusCore Server to move data between systems.  This is the recipe to “Live long and prosper” in the world of data.

Did you know that when a desktop application initiates a utility in order to move data from one system to another, the data moves through the user’s PC?  That is the problem! The exact path of the data transfer is from the source system to the user’s PC and then to the target system. This is like trying to drive a race car through a school zone.  If your PC is outside the company’s firewall the problem is magnified. That is why companies are so hesitant to allow users to move data from one system to another. Without this ability, a company really can’t consider allowing a user to run cross-system joins, often called Federated queries.  The future of computing is Federated queries, but this is an impossible concept if the data being moved goes through the user’s PC or has to travel over a small local network.

NExus core server makes data movement easier for DBAs, IT, and business users.

That is why we invented the NexusCore Server.  The concept is to place a server with a lot of CPU and memory on a high-bandwidth network that resides physically in a straight line between your varying database systems.  When a user wants to move data from one system to another, they schedule the job to run on the server. The NexusCore server impersonates the user’s credentials and runs the data movement job as if the user was sitting at the server themselves.

Now, no data moves through the user’s PC and the local network is unaffected!  In our first release, the NexusCore Server data can move data via the server between Teradata, Netezza, Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, and even Postgres.   

This invention is only our first step because the real value comes in the ability for users to perform Federated queries.  We are currently testing the ability for users to run long-running queries, cross-system joins, and compare and synchronization jobs on the NexusCore Server.  Nexus has always been able to perform Federated queries, but this will open up users and companies to the concept of joining data across many platforms without affecting the local network.  This is the paradigm shift that will revolutionize the computer industry.

Since the beginning of the computer age, companies have gone to great lengths to capture their daily transactions on Oracle, DB2, or SQL Server systems, but then they needed to move data to their data warehouse systems.  Most users have never moved data between different systems or done a cross-system join/Federated query. Can you even begin to imagine how decision making could improve if users could join data from all systems at any time?  Why wait days or weeks for the IT staff to migrate the data to the data warehouse when a user can get data in real-time and join it with historical data as well as social media, Excel spreadsheets and flat files? The possibilities are infinite, and the competitive advantages are so huge they can’t possibly yet be measured.

I have two offers for you and your company:

  1. If you want to do a Proof of Concept (POC) to see how effective the combination of the Nexus Query Chameleon client and NexusCore Server can move data, we will supply you with the desktop and server software for a free trial.
  2. If Federated queries are on your roadmap, we will work together as we prepare for a June 2019 release.  You will be able to test along side us and get a new release each month.

Please CONTACT US if you are interested or if you would like to see a demo! Let NexusCore help you boldly go where no one has gone before.