About Coffing Data Warehousing

CoffingDW was founded in 1993 by Tom Coffing.  His innovation and leadership has helped skyrocket CoffingDW to the forefront of the data warehousing industry.  CoffingDW’s unique, three-pronged approach has helped bring their products into the largest data warehouses in the world.  Tom and his team have written over 50 books on data warehousing and they have garnered the respect and attention of readers all over the world.  His latest work was released in September 2013 and is considered his best.  CLICK HERE to learn more about the Tera-Tom Genius Series.

Not only is Tom an author, but he is a world renowned speaker and teacher and he has also taught over 1,000 classes on every major data warehouse vendor.

Tom and CoffingDW’s proudest accomplishment is the Nexus Query Chameleon.  Its ability to query and convert between every major system makes it one of the most sophisticated tools in the industry today, but its remarkably seamless integration into any environment makes it the most user friendly.  The Nexus shows users tables and views visually.  Users are able to load and run their logical models and see what tables join to each other.  SQL is built perfectly with each click of the mouse.  With an eye towards the future, CoffingDW is constantly adding features and capabilities to the Nexus, so CONTACT US to see a demo today!

Who We Are

CoffingDW is a highly-motivated and hardworking team made up of world-class programmers, authors, instructors, salespeople, and customer service professionals all working towards creating cutting edge technology and software while providing outstanding customer support and service.

What We Do

We at CoffingDW strive to advance the future of all computing through our books, education, and especially our software. We work every day to live the words of our founder and CEO, Tom Coffing: ”Don’t wait for the future to happen. Create it!”